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The man burnt...
Once a great empire...
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Photos of Japan...


Japan 2006
Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam 2008
Morocco and Spain 2010

Lazy Hiker is.....

  • One who hikes the mountain in cable car instead of hiking boots.
  • One who travels in cheap hotels instead of sleeping under the carpet of stars.
  • One who eats in the fast food chain instead of cooking their meals in the grand restaurant of mother nature.

Lazy hiker is one who doesn't chase the shallow excitement of mindless adventure, but drills in the deeper philosophy of comfort. Like Voltaire (or was it Homer Simpson?) once said, men have to first live in comfort before they can truly understand the deeper meaning of life.

Laziness inspires thinking, for one who is truly lazy would rather do less than more, prefer simple than complexity, pursue efficiency and avoid redundancy. With such genuineness, men invented the remote control, the epic technological achievement of modern science. More energy efficient than a light bulb, less convoluted than the printing press, safer than an atomic bomb. With such simple technology, men slouch in their couches, too lazy to do crime, too busy to do wars. Hence mankind survive and prosper for another thousand centuries...

Learn from the nature... Think about the hardworking buffalo which are good for nothing but burger meats. Think about the hard working ants which can't even survive a glass of hot milk.

Let's all be lazy, forget about bettering mankind by means of war, and let's enjoy a sleazy peaceful world.

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