journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Depart Vancouver

Sep 11, 2008 Thu
03:00Depart Vancouver
22:00Arrive airport
Computer downed, had to do the manual checkin,
now waiting for flight to take off.
22:05Vancouver airport art sculpture
22:24Larrivee Guitar by Jean Larrivee
22:27Harp by Cory Fuhr
22:30FAIRY Princess by Lawrence Northey
22:31Raven Mask by Allan Weir
Allan Keshane Weir, of Haida ancestry is fom Old Masser, Haida Gwaii.
His final project is a red cedar Raven Mask.
22:35I am a dog fish too
by Cori Savard
The young Salish Woman in Flight.
by Chrystal Sparrow
22:52Lotus on Ceiling
00:59In Flight
11:40 tram of causway bay
11:43 causeway bay
14:20 anti government protest at causeway bay
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