journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Hong Kong to Bangkok

Sep 22, 2008 Mon
03:00Hong Kong to Bangkok
10:57 pla headquarters
11:14 ifc - international finance center
11:17 ifc shopping mall
11:38The High court
11:41China bank
11:42Hong Kong Bank
11:43 lippo center
11:45Lippo center
11:46Hong Kong Park
11:47Hong Kong Park Entrance
11:48HK Park fountain
11:51Olympic horse
11:57 olympic plaza
11:59 olympic plaza
12:05 food for bali mynah
12:07 hong kong pigeon
12:07 soldier pigeon
12:08 beggar bird
12:10 black and white bird
12:11 snow white bird
12:16Lippo center
12:17 stack of turtles
12:18 stone frogs
13:08To airport
Around 25 to 30 minutes from Central to Airport.
13:23 hong kong international airport
13:56Flight to Bangkok
13:56:54 take off
15:59 thai palace from the sky
16:04Bangkok Airport
16:03:39 waiting for luggage
17:12 thai alien
18:06train to Ayutthaya
20:05 train to ayutthaya
from 18.10 to 19.50
cost 15B
the distant is only 68km but the train is very slow
and it stops all the time
the seats aren't too fancy
19:39:43 still on train
20:49 ayothaya hotel
Grade: Mid-Range OK
Location: South most of the guesthouse district (check Lonely Planet)
Quality: Average
Cleanness: room simple and kind of clean, nothing fancy
Single standard room cost 650B (in the motel style building at the back)
Superior room cost 1800B (in the front building)
Both has AC which is quite critical in this kind of weather
23:59Ayothaya Hotel
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