journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal


Sep 23, 2008 Tue
10:16 white deer
10:27 chantaakasem national museum
10:28 chantaakasem national museum pigeon
10:31 chantaakasem national museum
10:32 flower ring
10:33 lotus pond in auytthaya
10:34 chantaakasem moon
10:35 chantaakasem national museum
10:57Bike to temples
10:57Wat Khunsan
11:00 wat khunsan
11:17 buddha of wat suwandawas
11:23 wat suwandawas
11:24 chipped head of wat suwandawas buddha
11:24 buddha of wat suwandawas
11:25 flower jar in wat suwandawas
11:25 broken head
11:41Wat Ratcha Burana
11:44 wihan luang the grand hall
11:46 vases of wat ratcha burana
11:52 wat ratcha burana
11:52 garuda of wat ratcha burana
11:54 wat ratcha burana stupa
12:03Pha Prang Prathan - the central sanctuary
12:07 my bicycle
12:12Road Lamp
12:20 fallen buddha head of wat maha that
12:25 stupa of wat maha that
12:29 buddha of wat maha that
12:30 wat maha that
12:31 buddha seat of wat maha that
12:31 stupa of wat maha that
12:39 buddha head of wat maha
12:40 buddha head in tree of wat maha that
12:40 buddha head maha that
12:43 behind buddha head
12:47 ayutthaya buddha face
12:53wat nok
13:27Ayutthaya Historical Study Center
13:52 ayutthaya historical study center
13:54 wat chai watthanaram
13:55the Elephant Kraal
pre: the grand palace
14:15Wat Borommaphuttharam
14:17 wat borommaphuttharam
14:19 phra ubosot
14:32 stupa of wat borommaphuttharam
14:41 queen pagoda
14:46 wat chedi yai
14:59Wat Wora pho
15:04 wat wora pho
15:12 wat woachetha ram
15:21 reclining buddha in wat lokaya suttha
15:25 sleeping buddha
15:48Wat Matcha Yichio
15:54Wat Thummikarat
15:57 stone lions of wat thummikarat
15:58 wat thummikarat
16:00 lion of wat thummikarat
16:00 headless lions of wat thummikarat
16:42 bronze elephant statue near elephant kraal
16:49 elephant kraal
17:22 temple near elephant kraal
18:00dinner at restaurant across Wat Ratcha Burana
The food is OK but a little bit too expensive
The view is good if you sit next to the outside windows.
18:40resturant across Wat Ratcha Burana
19:02night walk
19:03Wat Mahathat
19:17 wat ratcha burana at night
19:28Bueng Phra Ram
19:34 bueng phra ram
19:44Wat Phra Ram
19:58 wat pura si
20:11 wat ratcha burana
21:57Ayothaya Hotel
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