journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Bus to Hin Boun

Oct 04, 2008 Sat
03:00Bus to Hin Boun
09:00Bus to Homestay
mini bus with air con
quite comfortable
12:29lunch at Middle Nowhere
ordered a veggie fried noodles, taste ok.
12:54 lunch at middle of nowhere
13:24bus to Homestay
14:51 building equipment in laos
15:25 laos mountains
15:28 granite mountain in laos
15:31 scenery of laos
15:33 butterfly and peacebloom
15:35 laos portable temple
15:49 new hope
15:53 black granite mountain
15:55 ancient mountain in laos
16:44 b52 boat in bin boun
16:45 b52 canoe
The boat was made from the Gas tank of the B52 bombers.
When the Americans bombed Laos (during the Vietnam war), they dropped the fuel tank around the village to save weight.
The Villagers cut open the fuel tank and made them into canoes. They were water prove and apparently quite durable.
16:57 baby ducks in laos village
16:58 laos future athletes
16:59 boy jumping game
17:00 games in laos village
17:00 bin boun girl
17:02 jumping sisters
17:07 laos friendship bridge
17:09 steel of b52 boat
17:12 grass on boat
17:17 blue sky of laos river
17:19 peace in laos
17:19 river guide
17:25 blue danube of laos
17:29 laos crocodile or wooden plank
17:30 laos volcano
17:37 laos river tour
17:53 laos power generator
18:00 sunset laos river
18:27 laos brothers
19:12 homestay dinner at bin boun
19:12 giant grasshopper
19:53football game
21:18going to sleep
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