journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Halong Bay

Oct 06, 2008 Mon
03:00Halong Bay
08:00Bus to Halong Bay
09:15 old french house in vietnam
09:44 viper snake wine
12:23Halong Bay Boat
Although pretty tattered from the outside, the inside is quite luxury.
Everybody get their own luxury cabin, with Air-Con, private bath room and hot shower.
The food is great. Not you simple Vietnamese meal, but the deluxe cruise ship dining.
12:29 halong bay cruise
12:35 halong bay luxury boat room
12:50 blossom of cucumber
12:58 vegan squid
13:11 halong bay
13:16 blue sky green mountain
13:17 misty sea
13:18 halong bay rock
13:21 symbol of tourism vietnam
13:32 halong bay hills
13:32 scenry of halong bay
13:34 halong boatpeople
13:35 vietnamese boat
13:36 sunny sundeck
13:38 halong mirror
13:38 vietnamese flag
13:52 sailing halong bay
13:53 halong tourist boat
14:34 halong bay luxury boat
14:41 halong cave
14:46 unesco world heritage site - ha long bay
15:00 praying buddha
15:04 blue penis
15:05 buddha pussy
15:05 hang dau go stalagmites
15:15 turtle rock in grotte des merveilles
15:17 wooden stakes cave
15:25 tourist of halong bay
16:38 bamboo bed
16:52 ha long sunset
17:13 halong bay sunset
17:16 ha long bay sunset
17:17 halong bay sunset cruise
17:18 vietnamese sunset
17:24 floating market of ha long bay
17:44selling seafood
17:50 halong night
18:22waiting for dinner
Night of high moon.
In the night sky is the half moon and its moonmate companion star.
19:05 shrimp cocktail
19:25 halong fish
23:59Overnight on Boat
Nice boat, nice sleep.
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