journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal


Oct 10, 2008 Fri
07:19wake up on train
08:57Gold Hotel
Pretty nice, with AC, Satellite TV, How Shower
It got the luxury 3-star hotel look.
The staffs are friendly, breakfast is superb.
Internet is free.
The breakfast room is at the top floor, with fine view of the city.
09:34view from Gold Hotel
09:37 gold hotel vreakfast
10:00moped city tour
10:33 weaving lady
10:55 water mark for flood
12:12 white flowers of vietnam
12:14 forbidden gate
12:14 2919
12:14 forbidden fort
12:27 forbidden purple city
12:28 forbidden purple city fish pond
12:32 officer tombs
12:38 heaven pillars
12:38 emperor stamp
12:39 lion eating dragon
12:40 happy window
12:48model of forbidden city
12:57 wishing urn
13:00 south gate of forbidden city
13:03 south gate of forbidden city
14:46tombs of emperor
14:52 old court
14:53 ruins in rain
14:54 water lion
15:18French bunker
15:20American bunker
15:23behind is hamburger hill
15:28Vietnamese bunker
15:41 color of hue
16:00 boat to thien mu pagoda
built in 1601
16:06 thien mu pagoda
16:11 sky mother pagoda
16:17 sky mother urn
16:30 thien mu car
16:44 heavenly mother pagoda
17:08French bridge
Use Internet
Dinner (soup and veggie)
Sleep early
23:59Gold Hotel
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