journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Phnom Penh

Oct 17, 2008 Fri
03:00Phnom Penh
09:15wat ounalam
09:17grand palace
forgot to turn on GPS
09:23 victory gate
09:26 buddha pattern on gate
09:32 buddhist statues
09:34 small buddha statue in royal palace
09:34 buddhist believer
09:36 silver pagoda
09:40Pavilion of Napolean III
09:41 pavilion of napolean iii
09:44 silver pagoda tower
09:45 garuda lentil
09:46 silver pagoda complex
09:53 buddha on lotus
09:56 phnom penh royal palace
09:59preah tineang chanchhaya
10:00victory gate
10:01 snow glass flower
10:02 hor samritvimean
They wear different color dress everyday, Sunday to Saturday from left to right.
10:07 maid of seven colors
They wear different color dress everyday, Sunday to Saturday from left to right.
10:11 temple of emerald buddha
10:14gallery of ramaketi frescoes
10:17mondapa of sara and tripitaka
10:18 mondapa of sara and tripitaka
10:19 buddhas
10:21 tripitaka buddha
10:21 tripitaka buddhas
10:22 tripitaka buddhas
10:24 mondapa of sara and tripitaka
10:26Rama win battle
10:27Rama and Monkey King
10:28gallery of ramaketi frescoes
10:30king nordom's stupa
10:31 king nordoms stupa
10:33king nordom's statue and stupa
10:33 king nordoms statue and stupa
10:34 temple of emerald buddha
10:35 temple of emerald buddha
10:37 king nordoms stupa
10:41 little buddha
10:44kailassa mountain
10:50 koeng preah bat-sleeping buddhas
10:53koeng preah bat
10:55kantha bopha's stupa
10:55 kantha bophas stupa
10:58 dhamasala
11:01 buddha hall
11:02 king suramarit and queen kossomaks stupa
11:05emerald buddha temple
11:05 emerald buddha temple
11:08 model of angkor vat
11:10 king ang duong stupa behind angkor model
11:12queen kantha bopha's stupa
11:15koeng preah bat
11:17king ang duong's stupa
11:18king ang duong's stupa
11:19 king ang duong stupa
11:20 hrh nordom norindrapongs stupa
11:24king Jayavarman VII statue
11:25king jayavarman VII statue
11:26 shorea robusta roxb
11:31 ceramics
11:36 churning of the milky ocean - tug of war
11:38 palace roof
11:43wat Phnom
The art work is a bit rough, a cheap restoration maybe.
11:52 nine headed snake
11:53 wat phnom
11:55 wat phnom sculpture
12:02 wat phnom buddha
12:04 wat phnom
12:08 wat phnom temple
12:11 head on plate
12:20 wat phnom monkey
it is at least half an hour late... wait... it's not even moving
12:23 wat phnom clock
it is at least half an hour late... wait... it's not even moving
12:24 wat phnom clock
12:30 wat phnom fine art museum
12:31 wat phnom fine art museum
12:36wat phnom
12:45 no urinating at sunway hotel
Somehow I feel the urge to urinate under this sign
12:50hotel Le Royal
12:52wat phnom
13:05 naga and wat phnom
13:06 white snake statue near canadia garden
Not Canadian, Canadia is a bank.
13:11national bank of Cambodia
13:14Norton university
13:37killing field
13:51 barbwires surrounding the camp
17000 killed before Khmer escaped Vietnamese
only 7 survived
13:52 tuol sleng
13:53 mass grave of the death
13:5914 graves last killed
14:03 bullet box toilet
clean every 2 weeks
14:05 torture equipment on the iron bed
14:08 classroom cell
14:22 first floor of tuol sleng
14:23 sport equipment in school
14:26 peeking at the victims
They were killed every year by the new comers
14:29 photos of the deceased
They were killed every year by the new comers
14:30 victims and prepetretors
They were killed every year by the new comers
14:38 feet shackles
14:42 ten rules of tuol sleng
14:42 windows of the classrooms
14:42 prison cells in tuol sleng
14:46 doors between the cells
14:47 barbwired sky
14:47 barbwired classroom
14:48 visit to tuol sleng
15:00 heng sinith
15:04 justice
15:04 the base people
15:07 introduction to tuol sleng
15:12 monks on the second floor
15:14 lament of monks
15:14 monks reading stories of the victims
15:15 stairway to third floor
15:18 s-21
15:19 ly chun leng
15:20 kheung buoy sor
15:20 koy thuon
15:20 nhem yean
15:21 chhim theang
15:21 suos thy
15:21 prum set
15:21 soam nim
15:22 third floor women detention
15:58Killing field
So why these things happened?
not because of communism or capitalism
not because of rich or poor
not because of races, or religion
This tragedy can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone.

This can be rationalized and has to be rationalized.
This is the only way to prevent the tragedy from repeating itself.

If the religion is not the cause, it at least failed to prevent.

Everybody thought they were on the good side, even the Pol Pot soldiers.

And the Pol Pot soldiers, were killed by other Pol Pot soldiers. Like an episode of the Twilight Zone, the one who pushed the big red button was killed by the person after him who pushed the red button.
16:06 choeung ek memorial
16:08 leaves of a banana tree
16:09 mass grave
16:10 tooth of the victims
16:10 clothes of the victims
16:11 tooth of the death
16:19 killing tree
16:21 bones beneath killing tree
16:23 buddha tree in killing field
16:24 shrine of the bones
16:24 mud puddle of the dead
16:25 offering beneath the killing tree
16:31 paper cranes from japan
16:32 killing field
16:32 skulls of killing field
16:32 clothes of the dead
16:36 choeung ek memorial
17:07 cambodian baby
17:36Good and Evil
The moment you call yourself good, you already have one foot in the grave of evil. How can you call yourself good without calling other evil? How can you call yourself tall without saying other short?

The first evil is to separate self from others.
17:53 river side of royal palace
18:05 phnom penh statue
18:07 elephant statue
18:17 revolution mounment
18:23 phoenix and minister house
19:03dinner at Mr rungs house
19:38 english student
19:45 cambodian home made dinner
20:15 a-ping spider dessert
20:16 smile of cambodia
20:26 tarantula spider dessert
23:59IndoChine 2
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