journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Bus to Bangkok

Oct 21, 2008 Tue
03:00Bus to Bangkok
07:30Mini Bus to Bangkok
The road is bumpy and torn down. But not the worst I have seen.
10:39 muddy window and god of cambodia
12:01Cambodian border statue
12:16 casino at no-man-land
12:18 cambodian border
12:20 porters at cambodian and thailand border
12:46lunch at Thai Border - Star Grill restaurant
12:57 lunch at thai border - star grill restaurant
17:40 bangkok from hotel
17:42 bangkok street view
17:42 bangkok night
19:47dinner at some Thai restaurant
Khinlom Chom sa Phan
20:22 bangkok dinner at khinlom chom sa phan
20:57 bangkok bridge
23:11Shamrock Irish Bar
in Khaosan road area
Loud music
Drink tills the cow comes home
Local time: 2008/10/22 00:29:48 ;a; drinks at gazebo
Of course, it's also in the Khaosan road area
23:59Grande Ville Hotel
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