journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal


Oct 25, 2008 Sat
09:20Walk city west
09:20:32 just woke up, alarm clock not working
10:19wat Mangkon Kamalawat
It is a china town temple. Not particularly interesting. Nothing special.
10:23 cantonese temple of bangkok
10:26 wat mangkon kamalawat
10:29canton shrine
A simple shrine. Didn't go inside.
10:46train station
The Bangkok Metro is easy enough for tourists. Most machines have an English menu. The mouse pointer when using the English menu is not very accurate. You have to operate it like a computer, drag the arrow to the station you want to go to and then press enter. I'm not sure if it's just that individual machine.

You will get a magnetic coin. Use the coin on the entrance (no need to insert it). Only when you exit the station, you insert the coin at the exit.
11:03 bangkok metro
at Hualumpong
11:10 bangkok metro
11:12 silom
This is kind of like a city center
11:13 silom
This is kind of like a city center
11:27 peace statues
11:29 chinese pavilion
11:32 the park and the concrete
11:39 world war two memorial
11:55 sala daeng station
This is also the station nearest to the pretty tamed "red-light district"
12:05 ratchathewi
12:06 ratchathewi girl
12:15Erawan temple
When I came here, I half expected to see a statue of a 3 headed Elephant. For Erawan is the Thai word of Airavata, the Three Headed Elephant, mount of Indra who is the God of the gods. So I was quite baffling when I saw the four-faced statue of Brahma. I'm not sure why they didn't call this the Brahma temple. (Erawan was born after Brahma cast a hymn on the half-shell of Garuda, but that was the only relation I knew between them)

And even stranger, I had been here before. I remembered this place from my last visit to Thailand (which was millennium before).

But something had changed, the statue was different. In 2006, in the middle of the night, the statue of Brahma was completely destroyed by a man with mental illness. Later the man was beaten to death by the bystanders (including two street-sweepers). It was a bizarre incident. The one in this photo is the restored statue.
12:16 amarin
12:19 statue of brahma
12:20 statue of brahma
12:20 erawan minions
12:21 flowers for brahma
12:21 phra phrom
12:21 erawan shrine dancer
12:22 temple dancers
12:27 gaysorn in bangkok
12:28 erawan shrine from flyover
12:31 central world
12:32 central world
It is inside Central World.
I ordered a Turnip pancake 70b, some veggie dumpling 50b (which turned out to be not purely veggie), an olive fried rice 80b (which unfortunately, also polluted with meat), and sprite for 25b.
12:44 veggie dumpling
12:51 turnip cake
70B pretty good
13:06 central world plaza
13:14wat patum
13:15wat patum and central World
13:18Bangkok Traffic
13:19 bangkok traffic
13:23Siam Paragon
13:26Siam Paragon Halloween
13:27Siam Paragon
13:31Lamborghini Bangkok
13:41phloen chit
13:42Nai Lert Park Hotel
13:50the promenade decor
14:02 lingam shrine
14:04 elephant figurines
14:05 thai dancer girls
14:05 assorted male organs
14:05 envy of all men
14:06 mr and mrs penis
14:06 wooden penis
14:07 gem studded manhood
14:07 the white brothers
14:09 baby thai figurine
14:09 traditional thai couples
14:09 dragon flower
14:33walk to Pantip Plaza
14:38Pantip plaza
14:40 pantip plaza
14:43 pantip plaza
M912M 21900B (23433)
touch screen
1024x 600
sata 160G
17:56 siam paragon
18:02Siam discovery
18:09 mbk
18:52 dinner at mbk the fifth food avenue
great vegetarian options
18:58 mushroom steak
18:58 veggie stall in mbk
20:27 mbk
21:39 bangkok metro
Took the subway home
23:59Grande Ville Hotel
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