journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Marrakech Saadi Tomb

Oct 14, 2010 Thu
05:00Marrakech Saadi Tomb
mohamed Betbduant 6th
08:05Hotel Etoler du Toubkal
10:12Taxi Marrakech
Tourist special price: 200dhm
11:23BAB er-Rob
11:26Saadi Tomb
The Minaret nearby is Kasbah Mosque
11:39Tomb stones on floor
11:59King's Tomb
I have no idea what I am lining up for, with this long a line, I expect the king to return from death and is dancing for us or even better, a fire breathing camel...
12:27Passage Bab Agnaou
12:28Passage Bab Agnaou
12:51Palais Badii
13:03Cristal Pavilion
Now a ruin
13:07Audience Pavilion
13:10Crystal Garden a junk yard
13:22Guest House
13:25Guest House Rooms
13:28The Basin
13:31The Terrace
13:32Khayzuran Pavilion
13:35Palace Annex
13:41Palace annex bricks
13:48Mini Cannon near Summer time Palace
... the palace need extra ticket
13:53Green Pavilion
14:01Lunch near Badii Palace
ordered a veggie tagine and a sprite
14:20Vegetable Tagine
Price: 25d
14:46Palais Baha
15:15La Oetite Cour
15:24La Grande Cour Dite
15:50Musee Tiskiwin
16:33Musee si Said
16:46Wedding Hall
16:49Harem Overlooking Dagger Hall
16:52Harem Fountain
16:52Dagger Hall
16:59Cafetiere Kettle
16:59Theiere Kettle
17:03Second Flood
17:03Second floor
17:05Chaise de Mariee
17:06Moroccan Wedding Dress
17:07Section 12 Musical Instruments
17:16Portes de Greniers
17:31Cinema ed Eden
18:40Return to Hotel
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