journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Ait Ben Haddou

Oct 17, 2010 Sun
05:00Ait Ben Haddou
08:07To Ait Ben Haddou
300dh for taxi, a bit expensive...
Even two way should be less than 250...
08:12ECLA Studio
08:45Ait Ben Haddou
09:33Bridge to Ait Ben Haddou - deleted
09:59Bridge to Ait Ben Haddou
10:31Ait Ben Haddou
The city of mud. A Castle of mud. Mud is the defence.
10:55Studio Oscar Hotel
11:30Movie Sets
Looks kind of hokey
11:31Airplane in Jewels of the Nile
Looks so fake
11:33Life of Dali Lama
11:37Gladiator set
11:38Passion of Christ
11:41John Pope movie set
11:42Eyes of Hell
a horror movie
11:44Mummies Return
Kingdom of heaven
11:48Life of Dali Lama
11:52Return of the mummies
12:01Some bible movie
some British tv
12:04British Bible TV
12:07Bookshelves - Life of Dali Lama
12:40Lunch at Restaurant 3 Thes.
Ordered a Veggie Tagine for 30
Soup for 15
Sprite for 8

The Restaurant is behind the bus station, around the corner.
13:02Veggie Tagine in Restaurant 3 Thes
price: 30d
13:35Taoutirt Kasbah
13:37Taoutirt Kasbah
14:58Musee Cinema
15:03Hospital Ward
15:07Prayer Ward
Joseph 1999
Apocalypse 2001
15:09La Grotte Cave
15:12Mummies - Dungeon Altar
15:21Roman Trolley
15:35Throne Area
Salomon 1994
Solomon and Sheba 1994
15:38Dungeon Jail
Apocalypse 2001
15:49Torture Chamber
17:17Hotel Amlal
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