journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Boumalne To Todra Gorge

Oct 23, 2010 Sat
07:30Boumalne To Todra Gorge
10:18Taxi to Boumalne
Finally found a small taxi to Boumalne
12:03Bus to Tinghir
every hour

The 10d luggage fee is properly a fraud, but it will be wiser to pay if you want to see your luggage again
13:15Taxi to Todra Gorge
7d per person
14:32Le Festival
300, shared bathroom

16:00The Flood
Rainfall. I left the hotel by myself, arming only with my umbrella. I wasn?t planning to wander far. When I crossed the river, it was completely dry. I lingered on the other bank, strolling here and there, with no particular destination in mind. Then I saw the water. Still, I thought nothing of it. I always expected the change of nature was gradual, like the shaping of mountain and the traveling of glacier. Perhaps there would be a little bit of flooding, no worry, I got Gortex boots. The hotel staffs on the opposite bank urged me to run. What?s the hurry? It was only a bit of rain. Then I saw the tip of the flood, it didn?t flow like a tame kitty like I expected, instead it roared like a thousand lions and rushed like a million stallions.

The shouting from the other bank urged me to run and run I did, with all my life and all my strength. The water was only a few feet away as I crossed the river. When I looked back, the once dried river was packed with a giant monster of running mud. The line between life and death was only a second away.

That was my Indiana Jones moment, feeling foolish yet heroic.
16:35Cave Hotel
Flooding special 450d
5 km from Gorge, no public transport
A river may suddenly appear when raining, cutting the hotel away from the outside world.

The room is good and staffs are responsible.

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