journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Erg Chebbi

Oct 29, 2010 Fri
08:30Erg Chebbi
09:31Breakfast at Totmarroc
10:09Bus ticket in Merzouga
The bus office next to bus station is often close... so if you take a meal at the restaurant, he probably will point you to the correct bus office.
You get off the bus at town center, but you board the bus next to the big tourist complex (below the Huge Sand dune and next to the pink water tower)...
the SupraTour bus office is actually near the Big Tourist Complex next to the big sandstone (and pink water tower). The bus office in town center may open at night...

Bus ticket is 165D, standard tourist rip-off price...

Mohammed came to the hotel 2 years ago (when the Lonely planet was printed)
....ok wrong information...

the one I thought was Ali was actually Mohammed, a nephew of Ali, Foaud was the cousin of the nephew of Ali, everyone is in a big family that I obviously misunderstood... The cook Hagia was from mid Atlas (the cooking was good). About four person working in hotel during the low season....

The land here is around 200US$ per meter

11:09Dune walk
14:58return from dune
17:45Going to bus station
18:23dinner before bus
Ordered a Berber omelet and nachos
19:08Bus to Fez
It is pretty much on time

Train to Fez: 8:03 and 10:07
04:23House of the Rider
A Horse was found here
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