journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Meknes City

Nov 01, 2010 Mon
05:00Meknes City
08:27Dressing up
09:07Breakfast at Cafes Carrions
at least they know I exists... unlike the NJR
It is near the train station
10:21Bab Mansour
10:24Place el-Hedim
10:27Musee Dar Jamai
10:57Imperial palace - Mausolee Moulay Ismail
10:59Place El Hdeim
11:16Islam Sundial
in Mausolee Moulay Ismail
11:19Palace room
in Mausolee Moulay Ismail
the clock was offered by Louis XIV
11:32Mausolee Moulay Ismail
11:37Koubbat as-Sufara
11:57Parade Ground
where the sultan inspect his black slaves
12:08Route Darel Kebira
12:43Lunch at La Famille
Vegetarian Tagine 40d
fries 6d
and sprite....
At least this place is crowed....
I did found the restaurant Mille et Une, but the location is kind of isolated, and I tried to avoid another food poisoning....
12:56Veggie Tagine at La Famille
The restaurant is at Place el- Hadim
People often think it is rude to stare at them, but cats don't, or if they do, they don't say it loud.
13:49Firewood shop at flea market
13:54Mausoleum of Sidi ben Aissa
14:32Grand Mosque
15:16Oil Lybia
15:26Jihad McDonald
16:30Rest in Hotel
Morocco must be the most power conscious country in the world, most hotels are dark, no unnecessary lights are on, but it mostly because electricity are obscenely expensive. Tree huggers should not celebrate too fast, since most hot shower in country are powered by wood... so by taking a hot shower, I must have burn down a couple trees....
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