journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Tangier to Gibraltar

Nov 06, 2010 Sat
07:00Tangier to Gibraltar
08:41Ferry to Algeciras
380D per person (those touts often confuse 380 with 318)
7:00am onward, every two hours...
11:27Ship Leave port
Time Change +2 hours (actually it was only one hour)
12:16Arrive Tarif
I expected it to land in Algeciras, oops
No worry, there is a free bus outside waiting to take passengers to Algeciras. Economically, it seems to make sense
12:55Arrive Algeciras
13:13Wait for bus to La Linea
Bus to Cadiz
Seville 13:30
Price: 2.20Euro or .50?
14:28Through Gibraltar Custom
Bus 60 Pence Frontier to Central... waste of money, walking takes about the same time... the distance is very short...

15:03Cannon Hotel
Tiny little room for 30�
No bathroom, shared bathroom is kind of faraway....
15:38The Rock
16:08Caleta Hotel
16:09Catalan Bay
Fishing village and beach
18:16African Sunset
.... sorry it was only Spain
in Mediterranean Steps
18:23The Pillars of Hercules
19:07Dinner at Mama Mia
7.95� for Pizza + 1 Sprite
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