journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Gibraltar to Cadiz

Nov 07, 2010 Sun
08:05Gibraltar to Cadiz
09:33Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Gibraltar
09:38Convent Guard Room
09:42Great Siege Toy Cannon
11:45Haynes Cave Battery
11:49Haynes Cave Battery
12:01Monkey at Prince Ferdinands Battery
12:13De Vils Gap Battery
12:36Trafalgar cemetery
12:39Grave of General H E Fox
12:45The Alameda Botanic Gardens of Gibraltar
12:54Bellafonna Lily
the whitish plants
12:56Molly Bloom
from Ulysses by James Joyce
12:58Dracaena Draco aff Subsp ajgal
13:01Red Poppy
13:06Red Eared Terrapin
13:16Black Tailed Prairie Dog
13:17Yellow Fronted Amazon
13:20Black tailed Prairie Dog
13:21Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
13:24Egyptian Fruit Bat
13:27Pot Bellied Pig
13:33Cotton-Top Tamarin
13:36Spur-thighed Tortoise
13:40Duke of Wellington Monument
13:43Plants of the Sonoran Desert
14:14Gibraltar Parliament
14:30Sundial Near Victoria Stadium
14:35Crossing Gibraltar Airport
14:48Lunch at Shesh Kebab
Got a Falafel and 7-Up for 4.80E

Just a few meters away from Gibraltar, my English
become useless...
15:06Waiting for Bus at La Linea
Maybe the lunch wasn't such a great idea now....
15:24Bus from La Linea to Algeciras
How to get to Gibraltar from Algeciras:
Take the bus (from main bus station) to La Linea
Price 2.10 Euro
Bus number: M-120
Bus Aisle Number: In Algeciras: 1, in La Linea: 7
Every 45 minutes (in low season), every 30 minutes (in high season)
E.g. Bus from Algeciras: 12:15, 13:00
Bus from La Linea: 14:30, 15:15 etc....

La Linea Station is only two Hundred meters away from Border of Gibraltar

Exit La Linea station at 15:30
16:33Algeciras Bus Station
Octavion Hotel is just above
and the train station is across
Bus to Cadiz exit 17:30
17:40Bus to Cadiz
exit on time 17:30
19:21Arrive Cadiz
at the train station
19:45Hostal Fantoni
35 Euro
With exclusive Bathroom (outside room)
Room 7
Air Con, TV, No breakfast
20:25Dinner at La Huella
Fries and Cheese Sandwiches
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