journal indo-china 2008

Indo-China 2008 Travel Journal

Malaga Alcazaba

Nov 14, 2010 Sun
08:30Malaga Alcazaba
09:25Cathedral Of Malaga
09:36Museo de Malaga
Under construction
09:48Gate of the Vault
09:54Gate of Columns
09:59Gate of Christ
10:00Gate of Columns
10:01Gate of Christ
10:04Gate of Christ
10:06Pigeon on Gate of Christ
10:07Torre de Homenaje
10:08City Hall
10:13Bull fighting ring
10:13Long lineup for World Cup
10:17Torre de Homenaje
10:18Bull Fighting Ring
10:19City Hall and lineup for World Cup
10:21Malaga Port
10:26Plaza de Armas
10:39Gate of the Halls of Granada
10:44Fish Fountain in Halls of Granada
10:49Alcazaba de Malaga
10:53Triple Arqueria con Alfiz
11:21Patio de la Alberca - Patio of the Pool
11:25Jarrita con Decoracion en verde y manganeso
11:28Courtyard of Orange Trees
11:31Cathedral Of Malaga
11:40Roman Theater
Free entry
11:43Roman Theater
12:21Lunch at Bodega Bar
12:25Veggie mini Bun - Bodega Bar Malaga
2.2 Euro,
12:25Spanish Tortilla - Bodega Bar Malaga
5.2 Euro,
10E total, good value...
13:09Bull Ring
13:10City Hall
13:34Laneros Calatrava
Pre: Trompeta de Alcantara de Linea
13:44Playa el Palo
13:55Bull Fighting Ring
16:21End of Malaga Beach
16:56Parque Balneario
19:20Berni Museum and Picasso House
Free entry
Open until 8:00pm
Both museum is very small
can be done in less than 10 minutes (especially with the keeper watching you, they are very polite... but you still feel being watched instead of watching....)

19:59dinner at Bosporus Kebap
Ordered a Falafel menu for 5b,
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