Reno - Automobile Museum

Sep 04, 2012 Tue
12:51Reno - Automobile Museum
13:43Nationa Automobile Museum
13:461906 Adams Farwell
13:471913 Pierce Arrow
around $12,000 todays dollar
13:491911 Franklin air cool
Very bright settling? lights
13:501909 White
steam car
13:531909 Ford T
for the mass
only $850
his employee only pay $2.60 a day
1914 assembly line
Japan Black, dry fast
50k still on road today
13:541909 Black
for rich rural man
13:551910 Rolls Royce
Rolls is Engineer, Royce is Salesman
7500 vs Model T onl 260 dollar
13:571911 Pope Hartford
13:581913 Metz
assemble your own car
13:581912 International
First SUV
backseat can take away
14:001912 Ramble
Titanic car
14:011913 Cadillac
can have interchangable parts
Electric light
first electric spark plug
14:031913 Stutz
Race Car, no seat belt
14:051910 Oldsmobile
14:081913 Stanley
steam car
Cadillac kill steam car bc they start faster
14:111911 Ford t
new model
14:13First Gas Pump
14:151938 Packard
Luxury car

1948 out of business because of selling cheaper models (with the same brand name).
14:161935 Davis Sammy
14:17Model T Ford
14:19Ford T
lever for shift
14:191911 Maxwell
14:201915 Briscoe
14:211915 Dodge Brothers
they made parts for ford and later argue and break up
14:221914 Detroit Electric
for 50 miles
battery last 3 years
14:23charger for electric car
14:241917 Franklin
no radiator
more expensive for enclosure
14:251920 Brigs and stratton
14:261920 Packard
14:271921 Ford T Kampar
14:281926 Jordan
car for woman
14:281925 Franklin
air cool, then big engine... so radiator
14:291923 Rolls Royce
14:301931 LaSalle
14:331924 Chrysler
14:361925 Jullian
night club owner
only one built
14:481936 Mercedes Benz
Hitler staff car
15:07Thomas Flyer
15:12Thomas Flyer
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